The worst enemies we have are those who are trying to destroy the influence of the watchmen upon the walls of Zion. Satan works through agents. He is making an earnest effort here. He works according to a definite plan, and his agents act in concert. A line of unbelief stretches across the continent and is in communication with the church of God. Its influence has been exerted to undermine confidence in the work of the Spirit of God. This element is here and is silently working. Be careful lest you be found aiding the enemy of God and man by spreading false reports and by criticisms and decided opposition.  5T.294.003

The  Sabbath History  has been kept from the people too long. They need this precious work, even if they do not have it in all its perfection. It never can be prepared in a manner to fully silence unreasonable opponents, who are unstable, and who wrest the Scriptures unto their own destruction. This is a busy world. Men and women who engage in the business of life have not time to meditate, or even to read the word of God enough to understand all its important truths. Long, labored arguments will interest but a few; for the people have to read as they run. You can no more remove the objections to the Sabbath commandment from the minds of first-day Adventists than could the Saviour of the world, by His great power and miracles, convince the Jews that He was the Messiah, after they had once set themselves to reject Him. Like the obstinate, unbelieving Jews, they have chosen darkness rather than light, and should an angel direct from the courts of heaven speak to them, they would say it was Satan.  3T.038.003

The 1844 Way

The 1844 Way has a specific purpose in this world.
Our job is to tell the world about the righteous of Jesus in connection to the Prophetic ministry of Jesus on the Earth.
The greatest event in history is the coming of the Son of God in human form in 4BC and then being anointed in 27AD, His 3.5 year ministry ending in the great test of Calvary, His death, and His resurrection in 31AD and the gospel to all the world in 34AD through the ministry of the apostle Paul in 34AD.
These dates were all in fulfillment of that which the Mighty Numberer had prophecied in Daniel 8:13-14 and Daniel 9:24-27. This great prophecy extends down to the time of 1844 where the 2300 days prophecy ends in the movement of our Great High Priest into the Most Holy Place of the universe.
It is the purpose of this website to pull all of the threads of prophecy together to provide a true picture of this great prophecy and to show how Jesus, Himself, was the star of the 2300 day prophecy and to teach others all of the facets of the 3 Angels messages of Revelation 14.
In addition it is the purpose of this website to show how our Great High Priest - Jesus the High Priest after the order of Melchisedec, moved from the Holy Place into the Most Holy Place of the Heavenly Tabernacle. Those who followed Jesus went through the door that He opened (Revelation 3:7) into the Most Holy Place and how He shut the door to the Holy Place ministry. Many are tempted to go back to the ministry of the Holy Place and join those churches who refused to follow Jesus into the Most Holy Place. The 1844 Way was lifted up by God to make trumpet calls to hold the fort and to stay on the Firm Platform (Early Writings 258-261) and not return to the door that Jesus has shut and no man can open. God has called the Seventh Day Adventist church to proclaim these movements, as prophesied by the 2300 day prophecy of Daniel 8:14. To turn away from God's Most Holy Place ministry is to cause inestimable confusion and chaos in Bible prophecy and God's call is to help us to stay on the narrow path, and keep our focus on Jesus, not on tradition or the ecumenical calls to unite in the part of the temple God has closed.
In summary; our mission is to teach this great prophetic truth in the context of Jesus, and Him crucified, resurrected, and now interceding for us in His temple in heaven, and soon to come again to honor His ambassadors with eternal life. God is finishing His Atonement, started on Calvary in the great complete Sacrifice of Jesus, ministered through Jesus in the Holy Place of the Heavenly Sanctuary in 31 AD, moved into the Most Holy Place in October 22, 1844, and then He will make His final trumpet calls to repentance through His remnant church (Micah 5:7) to prepare a people to be able to stand in the presence of God, through the time of tribulation, without a Mediator. These promises are the central themes of the Most Holy Place minstry of Christ. When He has prepared His people they will go out to the world for that final call symbolized in Revelation 18:1-5. All of God's people who have not heard the message of Jesus and His gift of salvation will have that final opportunity and then Jesus will seal these people, take them through the Investigative Judgement, and pronouce them ready for heaven by declaring "It is Done!!!" (Revelation 16:17; 22:11). Then Jesus will come back out of the Most Holy Place, and place the sins of Israel on the head of Satan and take him to the wilderness for 1000 years. Then Jesus will come and gather His people and take them to heaven for the great Feast of Tabernacles.
Will you join us with your prayers, and your studies, and your willingness to share these truths with others? God has called you to this site and I pray that He will bless you and keep you as you study and assimilate these ideas under the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God.  
As God has given out His information to us I want to do the same for you. Please remember that a lot of hard work went into these studies and remember to identify our name when you copy materials. Please acknowledge us and remember that information is copyrighted and should be indentified in a proper manner. Thank you for your support. If you need to contact me I am at